Compatible Printer Supplies and Services

Terms & Conditions

1. The prices displayed are for sales in Barbados and include VAT. Images displayed are representations only and may display the compatible, original or generic product or packaging. Where an item is incorrectly priced or described on our website or in any other format, Inktech Inc. shall have the right to refuse or cancel any order placed on that item and we will take immediate steps to correct the error.

2. When ordering on-line from Inktech Inc., you will not be asked to pay online. We will check availability and contact you within 12 working hours to finalise the order and agree the most suitable collection point.

3. We have no affiliation to any brand of printer manufacturer.

4. We require payment on delivery for orders received from new customers, unless otherwise agreed in advance. When orders cannot be delivered due to unavailability of the customer's receiver or payment as arranged with us and the delivery needs to  be rescheduled, the order may be subject to an additional $20 delivery charge.

5. A charge of $60 will be made for returned checks. Overdue accounts are liable to a financing charge of 2% per month or a minimum of $20 per month. Payments with credit cards or Visa/Mastercard affiliated debit cards will incur an additional 3% charge.

6. Orders that require us to ship goods from overseas will be subject to a 50% payment in advance, or a written purchase order, or other security that is acceptable to us. Customers must take receipt and pay in full for any goods so ordered within 2 weeks of notification that goods are available, or else the goods will be subject to being resold and the order cancelled whereby any part payment previously made for the goods will be forfeit.

7. Customers must take receipt of any goods ordered within 2 weeks of notification that goods are available, or else the goods will be subject to being resold and the order cancelled.

8. The conditions under which we purchase empty cartridges and the prices we pay are set out in our ‘Empties Price List’, which is updated periodically. We reserve the right not to accept empty cartridges. Credits (including for empties) will be available for 12 months maximum.

9. All product supplied by Inktech Inc. is fully guaranteed. See our ‘Guarantee and Returns Policy’ for details.

10. Requests for credit or refund of unopened, unused items for any reason other than the quality of the item, (incorrect or surplus items purchased, printer change, etc.)  is at the discresion of the management and will be subject to a restocking fee and will not be considered beyond 3 months from purchase date. Toners that have been opened will not be refunded. Inks that have been unsealed will be subject to a BDS$5.00 charge for re-testing, in addition to the restocking fee. Credits (including refunds) will be available for 12 months maximum.

11. When servicing printers in our workshop, we require a non-refundable deposit to troubleshoot the item. Customers will be advised on likely cost before we do further work. Once customers have been informed that their printer is ready for collection, we ask that you collect it within 2 working days otherwise we will charge a storage fee of up to $5 per day.

12. When requested to refill ink cartridges, we require a non-refundable deposit. Once customers have been informed that their cartridge(s) are ready, collection/ delivery must be within 7 working days otherwise we may offer the cartrdges for general sale and the deposit will be forfeit. Non-standard inks are fully guaranteed as set out in our ‘Guarantee and Returns Policy’.

13. Where Inktech creates production level electronic files to meet a customer requirement for printed materials, 3D items or other physical material, irrespective of how the concept was originated (customer artwork, samples, specification, etc.) and irrespective of the fees charged by Inktech for the work involved the production level files remain the property of Inktech. We will supply any visualisations required but we we will not be obliged to release or disclose the production level files to the customer or any other person.

14. When Inktech prints items (including but not limited to documents, signs, banners, 3D objects) at the request of a customer and based on files supplied by the customer, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the item or its properties such as layout, bleed areas, margins or design integrity that are supplied by the customer. Customers should discuss any special requirements with us in advance and should make every effort to provide accurate items that have a stable layout and all associated information such as fonts, finished sizes and a sample layout should be provided. 

15. We reserve the right to refuse to print items that we consider to be unsuitable or offensive.